Darcy Dillon Voice Studio

An amazing teacher who brought the joy of singing back into my life!!

Darcy Dillon is “an amazing teacher” who brings the joy of singing to teens, preteens, and adults.  At her conveniently located studio in SW Portland (Raleigh Hills/Bridlemile area), Darcy will teach you how to become a more confident singer, get you started singing, or help you identify and overcome vocal problems.

Thank you so much for teaching Sophia to sing correctly.  There is certainly new clarity and resonance to her voice and much improved quality both in speaking and singing.  The Blaylock method has improved both our voices.  Many thanks too for your encouragement and pleasant teaching style that is very appealing to a teenage girl!

Do you have teens or preteens?  She will teach them to become well-rounded singers with solid technique and teach them musicianship—the skills, knowledge, and artistic sensitivity of singing music.

Darcy is a professional singer and musician.  She uses a technical training approach that incorporates the Blaylock vocal training method.

From the moment I met Darcy, she knew how to put me at ease, which has been important for me as a beginning singer.  Darcy is amazingly perceptive and able to quickly grasp how to communicate effectively with each student.  After every lesson, I feel surprised and excited about how much I have learned from her.

Weekly voice lessons are customizable according to areas of study and lesson length (30, 45, or 60 minutes).

You are an exceptional vocal teacher and a real inspiration to your students.  I know firsthand how you guide your students in a professional way that encourages strong technique, solid repertoire, and confidence.

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